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Review: Another Wolfcop

For all its faults, I would never have called Wolfcop lazy. It was a fun and silly horror-action hybrid that leaned into its 80's trash references with glee. Sadly, this sequel does feel lazy. It piles on ridiculous plot developments and the lowest of low-hanging jokes to result in a convoluted and groan-inducing time. Just because a film has so much crazy crap in it, does not mean it is funny or fun.

Another Wolfcop picks up with small-town cop Lou Garou (Leo Fafard) still drinking and occasionally doing police work. He is also a werewolf who indulges in his carnal desires. Sidekick Willie Higgins (Jonathan Cherry) and by-the-rules cop Tina (Amy Matysio) return again to help out Wolfcop. This time, however, the plot is not centered around Lou trying to adjust to being a werewolf and how that may be helpful in police work. The plot here is a cop-out, wiping away that the first film ended with Higgins revealing himself to be a shape-shifting cultist hellbent on getting werewolf blood for a ritual. It turns out he was abducted by aliens and that the real Willie is a good guy. The aliens are now trying to get the townsfolk addicted to Chickenmilk Stout beer that impregnates them with alien babies. 

Another Wolfcop ditches the more personal story that had a charm for a bigger conspiracy plot that features some bad puppetry and some even worse attempts at humor. The overarching methodology the writers use is to throw as many gonzo ideas at the audience as possible and maybe some of them will land. Most don't and the clarity of the plot is sacrificed in the process.

Aside from the barrage of dick and fart jokes that often don't land, there isn't anyone to get behind here. Lou was a sympathetic character to a degree in Wolfcop but here he is just a chauvinistic asshole. Instead of further exploring the sexual tension with Tina Lou just sleeps with anything, including Willie's werewolf sister Kat (Serena Miller). With a lackluster plot, unlikeable characters and a lack of comedic timing Another Wolfcop can't measure up to the original. If I hadn't seen the first film twice, I would begin to second guess if it were good at all. It is a fun watch though and that is what makes Another Wolfcop such a disappointment. It simply isn't fun. 



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