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Review: Action U.S.A.

A lost gem of stunt work from the 80s, Action U.S.A has been saved from obscurity. Do you like car crashes, car jumps, car chases, and plenty of car explosions? Well look no further than this B-movie. Director John Stewart clearly knew what a film called Action U.S.A. should deliver. This is an action-packed cheese fest.

The plot is very silly. Billy Ray (Ron Shaft) steals some diamonds from some gangsters. He is hunter down and shot but his girlfriend Carmen (Barri Murphy) flees. Enter Osborn (Gregory Scott Cummins) and Panama (William Hubbard Knight), two cops who feel like stand-ins for Lethal Weapon's Murtaugh and Riggs. They take in Carmen and the trio runs into a heap of trouble. Villains abound and plenty of action takes place.

Enough with the plot because the real fun of the film is the action scenes. There is reckless professionalism to the stunts here. People are lit on fire and thrown off roofs, sometimes at the same time. Cars smash up other cars, fly into the air, and roll over and over. There is a genuine thrill to these moments because stunts like this are now a thing of the past.

Is Action U.S.A. a dumb movie? Look at the title, of course. But it is also a blast to watch. Look no further than the hilariously awkward opening sex scene that quickly shifts into an impressive car chase. This is a film where a car driving through a house causes the house to blow up inexplicably. This may not be your type of film but if the sentence above thrills you, seek this one out.



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